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"Everything I Do Is Music"

I am a music professional with broad experience in label management, digital content management, licensing, sales, distribution (digital and physical), marketing and A&R, label management, digital content coordination, and as equally important, the fervor and work ethic required of being an artist. Since 1999, I have partnered with gifted engineer Phil Green, providing the production force and extreme talent. Phil and Catharsis have been signed to numerous electronic music labels worldwide including OM Records and have appeared on CD compilations alongside Depeche Mode, Moby, Faithless, Dubtribe Sound System, Swayzak, and many more. We have over 50 vinyl releases, 3 full-length albums entitled "Keepin On" and "Deep Down" & "Canvas of Sound", and appeared on 40 CD compilations on labels around the world. PC Synergy and Catharsis have performed all over the US alongside some of the most innovative artists