Rugby, United Kingdom

Welcome to the heart of creativity & expression at Boughton Leigh Junior School—the Boughton Leigh Junior School Radio Club! This dynamic & exciting initiative is the hub where young voices find their wings & stories come to life through the airwaves.

Our Radio Club is a platform for budding talents, where students have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of broadcasting, storytelling, & communication. From hosting lively discussions on school events to curating playlists that reflect the diverse musical tastes of our students, the Radio Club is the place where imagination & innovation collide.
Led by eMr G & fueled by the passion of our young broadcasters, the Boughton Leigh Junior School Radio Club is more than just a club; it's a journey of self-discovery, collaboration, & amplifying the unique voices within our school community.
So, join us at Boughton Leigh Junior School Radio. Let's turn up the volume on creativity and make waves together!