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Cardiff, United Kingdom

Congratulations Music Cosmonauts! You have landed on U & I Radio, who make it their mission to continuously stream thousands of celestial Emerging & Independent Artists for your musical curiosities.

Providing a platform for some of Europe’s best undiscovered talent, U & I Radio invites you to experience real-time Live Gigs via our Live Broadcasts from Independent music venues in Cardiff and beyond.

Born of the grassroots Cardiff ‘Originals’, our DJ’s & Presenters endeavour to unearth and deliver rare tracks with a healthy mix of Reggae, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Electro-swing and World Music.

#sharethelovefortheunsigned and savour original music on @UandIradioHQ where Discovery is Listening.

U & I Radio streams 24hrs a day, 7 days a week using an eclectic and diverse database with more being added weekly.

Website - http://uandiradio.com