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Bc3 (BcIII)

Denver, Co, United States

Propagating as much positive energy as I can in whatever ways possible; music included. Connect @ http://bc3music.net/

I've been absolutely captivated by electronic dance music, particularly progressive house and trance, since 2001. My love for music has exponentially grown since then and has since spilled over into the live mixing world as of 2010. My goal is to share the music that generates positive energy within me to others by blending together epic auditory journeys.

Download My Mixes: http://bc3.ddns.net:888/public/Bc3/Mixes/

"This is our night, this is our time, our moment, our crime. This is our rhythm, out of control, our release, our soul. This is our future, our past, our love, our mass. This is our system, our club, our song, our dub. This is our night." -Sander K

DJ Aliases:
Bc3 – Progressive/Trance
BcIII – Electro/Techno/Dubstep/Trip-Hop