Honolulu, United States

b-sides has always been inspired by the great FM underground radio stations that unleashed a revolution in radio.
That sound was co-opted by corporate scalliwags who formatted the
(fill in the blank) out of said stations, till they homogenized the sound to
a mushy goo.....

b-sides sez pshaw to your formats. we believe music should not be classified OR quantified.
our mofficial motto is: we play anything AND everything from Abba to Zappa. enjoy any of the music you hear. please consider purchasing those artists songs/music. PLUS for bonus karma make a donation to your friends at Hawaii Public Radio.

now gabba gabba hey and on with the show(s)

ps: b-sides is UFF approved
tom donahue (KSAN) our guiding light
play more Tom Waits

b-sides airs LIVE...every SUNDAY nite on Hawaii Public Radio
beginning promptly at 10 oh something pm (Hawaiian Time) (HPR1)

listen on line at