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Pécs, Hungary

The Pécs-based BETWIXT is a progressive workshop promoting contemporary electronic music, where the emphasis is placed on exciting and fine genres apart from the mainstream. Smart-electronica, hip-hop from the future, breakbeats and 4/4 techno or house – everyone can find what their heart desires.

Every single BETWIXT party is completely unique and unrepeatable, spontaneous, organically developing. Starting with a bashful smile, and leading to a delightful romp at the end.

As for a typical line-up: we have a small group of three-to-five people whom you can meet regularly. There are singer-songwriters/producers and DJs with excellent taste, you have never met before. And of course, there are veterans who are eager to spin their tracks that they cannot play elsewhere. Every night’s mood is determined by the unpredictable combination of popular and underground music, selected by the performing 8-10 DJs.

BETWIXT is powered by passion

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