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Berlin, Germany

14.02.20 Witches are back, Rome
13.02.20 Diskothek Melancholie, Berlin
06.12.19 Eschschloraque
22.11.19 HÖR Berlin
21.09.19 Kantine am Berghain
08.11.18 Beate Uwe
03.05.18 :// About Blank
05.11.17 :// About Blank
13.10.17 Eschschloraque
07.10.17 Lumiére Bleu, IFZ, Leipzig
06. 08. 17 :// About Blank
07.05. 17 :// About Blank
12.02.17 :// About Blank

Sounds by WLTI*-DJs only.

With Autopoiesis we want to create and re-create ourselves. We want to self-organize a night space where the rules are queered, bent and redefined.
A place where we can connect and communicate. A place of experience and expression.
We want to offer you a night of dark sounds, on the electronic ad techno spectrum.