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Anständig Randständig

Jona Sg, Switzerland

Music is part of the life of the "Anständig Randständig" crew like the grilling trombone to a cozy, warm summer night. Just a few years ago, R.O.g.E.R and Angelo have dedicated their souls to electronic music. Since then the two friends have a great passion. Although the duo regularly merges into a single unit in their live sets, each one has his own individual style of music. with the AR crew, therefore, it is the same as with a surprise egg - the sweet experience is guaranteed, but the tension about the uncertainty remains to the end. their sets range from dull, minimalistic bass lines to gloomy tones, to dreamy melodies and fluffy, crispy beats. the split hearts of the two djs determine what is happening, they simply can not decide between musical darkness and bright sounds - hence the playful label name "Anständig Randstädig".