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Brighton, United Kingdom

It has been a long time since AN.ORG released a new mix quite a few things have happened in that time and quite a few more things need to happen before we appear online again. 1. I am now saving up to extend the domain name for another 10 years (without the main site online donations have all but dried up) 2. I knackered my back and 1,,2, 3,4,+8 are all out of kilter. Having had a few physio sessions the therapist decided I need a scan this can take up to 10 months to get.... 3. I am now officially retired (Yes I am that old) the paper work the state needs before they can start dishing out my pension entitlement. well all i can say to that is never again.... strangely enough the only thing that went through smoothly was my bus pass. I am looking into new tracks but this is limited to the length of time I can sit at the computer