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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A member of House Department .

His musical exposure had grown for his interest in music and found himself influenced by various genre of music. His favorite band such as Mucky Pup, Worlds Collide, Pearl Jam etc which led him to having musical knowledge through instruments such as drum.

As a normal teenager his passion towards music is growing and he meets Electronic Music. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of DJs and producers – local greats such as DJ Gabriel, Victor G, Ray Soo left a deep impact within himself to explore more into the electronic music.

Since his first debut in 2008, he was given multiple platform gradually which strike an opportunity to build his fan base behind the decks and enjoyed with his musical styles - deep house, tech house, minimal & techno. An addition, he was entrusted to do an opening set for International DJ’s such as Dj Bone, Arjun Vagale & Butch.