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A Record of Living Beings

London, United Kingdom

On Soho Radio every 4th Sat 8-10pm BST/GMT. Reposting here for ease of access.

Through live improvisations, musique concrète, adventurous b2b mixing, lyrical & melodic narrative and incidental recordings, AROLB presents an optimistic view of mankind where sounds & voices from different places & time can harmonise with each other, within a search for shared experience and pure expression.

Raimund Wong –
Graphic artist most recognised for his work for Church of Sound & International Anthem as well as album sleeves & merchandise designs for a host of UK & international artists.

Resident DJ at Charles Hayward's ongoing genre-fluid events at The Albany, Deptford, London UK.

1/2 of Floating World Pictures with Chestnutt (Snapped Ankles), LP "The Twenty-three Views" out on Friendly Recordings Spring 2022.

As a sound artist he is currently developing work with Betamax (The Comet is Coming)/Coma World, Calabashed, Tyrone Isaac-Stuart, Lexy Morvaridi, and Danalogue (The Comet is Coming).