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www.amusicloverssoul.com A Music Lover’s Soul with Terea was created for the audience that enjoys quality Soul music highlighting Indie R&B, Neo Soul, Inspirational, Jazz music and many more genres. Artists featured on the show embed a positive vibe in the soul, soothe heartaches, supply motivation to keep the mind focused, provide words unfound for the hopeless romantic, and set the mood for a sensual night of rapture. There are many artists that are unheard and my hope is that A Music Lover's Soul with Terea will be a platform for you to get what I like to call “Audio Soulfood”. You know...... that feel good, spiritual connecting, make you nod your head not only because of the beat but also because the lyrics are speaking directly to YOU!!! ”. Layla Hathaway sings “one day I’m gonna buy me a record store and just play music all day long.” in one of my favorite songs “Out Run the Sky”. “A Music Lover’s Soul" is that record store so please relax and enjoy! www.amusicloverssoulcom