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Third Place (3dP)

Baton Rouge, United States

Third Place (3dP) is a show featuring local voices and discussions of community issues that typically go unheard on the airwaves in BR. 3dP airs at 5:30p on WHYR 96.9 FM, Baton Rouge Community Radio, repeating on Sunday mornings at 11:30a and again each Thursday morning at 6:30a. Your show host is Dave Brown, born in NOLA but settled in BR:

“You can move someplace hip and skim off their cool or you can plug in, roll up your sleeves and help your place become a more vibrant one. Tune in and get to know the people in your community who are doing just that. Listen in and hear why this city is where it's @ - full of incredible people, food, music, art, nature, and stories. Thanks for finding this space and tuning in - let the good times begin. Pass it around to anyone else you think might be similarly WHYRed please and thank you!”