Lost Inside The Crystal Maze (Blu-ray) [Directors Cut]

Lost Inside The Crystal Maze (Blu-ray) [Directors Cut]

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Lost Inside The Crystal Maze (Blu-ray) [Directors Cut]
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A lost episode of the hit 90s TV Show, "The Crystal Maze" starring R.O.S.H. as team captain.

How do our team of go getters fair under his leadership in the crystal maze?
How do many time crystals to they win?
Will anyone get locked in?
Will Richard O'Brien do a nonsensical monologue to the camera?

First aired on Ballami Radio as a guest mix for Commune.

R.O.S.H. as Richard O'Brien
Flossie Draper as Narrator / Maze AI
Guppy Slim as R.O.S.H. / Jim Howard / Aled Jones
Orchid as Jane Goswald
Suchi as Clement George

Written and Produced by R.O.S.H.

R.O.S.H. https://soundcloud.com/itsrosh
Guppy Slim https://www.instagram.com/guppyslim/
Flossie Draper https://www.instagram.com/flickaflea/
Orchid https://www.instagram.com/orchidmusicldn/
Suchi https://www.mixcloud.com/suchiahuja/
Commune: https://www.instagram.com/comm_une/
Balamii: http://player.balamii.com/