Brighton, United Kingdom

Wildblood & Queenie
If you like a lot of disco on your biscuit, join our club.

Celebrating 30 years as a disco, DJing and you know what partnership, Wildblood and Queenie know how to make each and the airwaves and dancefloor wiggle. From decent disco to proper house, these two deck benders provide the kind of deck action you'll want all night long.

True connoisseurs of all things disco they always deliver a sprinkle of seaside splendour at each gig and radio show. Just make sure you are ready. Her Majesty Queen Josephine insists.

Having delivered behind the decks at clubs Wild Fruit, DSD, Rebel,, Sunday Sundae, HMD, & Brighton Pride you can now hear us on 1BTN, at Patterns Brighton, Brighton Beach House, B,Please!, Club Barbra, & Wild Family plus at festivals & club nights across the UK.

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Welcome to the sounds of Wildblood & Queenie. Two old lady DJs who should really know better, sharing their love of all things disco.

Wildblood and Queenie. If you like a lot of disco on your biscuit, then join our club.

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