Celery Man

Celery Man

9 years ago
Celery Man
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We Dance Alone

Jizzle all the jams and boot up that Amiga 500, We Dance Alone is takin' a trip to Sydney for the Web Directions 2014 Conference as the official music & sound providers for all things internet. My first question will be "If I pour coffee over my Apple 11e will it become sentient and try to steal my cello playing girlfriend?" and then I'm just gonna wing it while schmoozing with Steven Hawking and the like who I assume will be there. Reformat those SyQuest 88 drives and make some room, as PBJ presents to you "Celery Man".


Playing tracks by PBJ vs Tim & Eric vs The Shangri-Las, Melanie (cestladore remix), Banoffee, Ariel Pink, Avalanches and more.