Beatrice Warde 1/1

Beatrice Warde 1/1

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Beatrice Warde 1/1
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This is a historic recording of a radio interview with Beatrice Warde.
Beatrice Warde (1900–1969) was an American typographic expert, working at the American Type Founders Company, The Fleuron magazine, and for most of her career at Monotype Corporation. Warde was also a prolific writer, researcher and public speaker. She wrote and designed the famous Monotype broadsheet ‘This is a printing office’ (1932). ‘The Crystal Goblet: Sixteen Essays on Typography’ (1955) is an anthology of her writings. She spent much of her life in type, her first husband was type designer Frederic Warde and she was associating with great typographers of her time like Stanley Morrison and Erc Gill.
This interview was recorded in 1959 in Adelaide, Australia. Designer Sara De Bondt discovered the recording in the Beatrice Warde collection at St. Bride Library, while preparing for the ‘Out of the Box’ archive event.
Republished with kind permission of the St Bride Foundation.