2022.05 Beyond

2022.05 Beyond

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2022.05 Beyond

This episode focuses on recent psychedelia from Asia. In addition to the wealthier countries of the pacific rim, active scenes exist in Thailand, Indonesia, and India. When you look at the music map for this episode it makes a great arc of port cities on the oceans bordering Asia. The major exception is Solar Zero from Siberia, who close out the playlist with a 17-minute jam.
Notes, including short interviews with the artists and music map, are at
Pale Blue Sound - Just Like a Dream
ZeitGeistS - Juvenile
The Dude of Stratosphear - Dharma Wheel
Hebi Katana - Running in My Vein
Spacedays - Lucy's Space Garden
Solid Liqui - Combo Miss
Kinder Bloomen - Brainless The Third, On A Cloudy Mission
落差草原 WWWW / Prairie WWWW - 轉來 Tńg​-​Lâi
Candydrain - Temptations
Jash Jhaveri - They Might Have Killed Me Back In Egypt
Bardia Haddad - Chaos as the Storm Tears it into Shreds
Solar Zero - Transcontinental Bus


Playing tracks by Pale Blue Sound, ZeitGeistS, The Dude of Stratosphear, Hebi Katana, Spacedays and more.

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Richard Tammaro

Really liked this, thanks for assembling this set and the interesting liner notes on your website.