apuro, remember to breathe

apuro, remember to breathe

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apuro, remember to breathe
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If you were able to catch your breath, please take a minute and let us introduce you to SOS Racismo, a Portuguese non-profit association proposing a fairer, more egalitarian and intercultural society where everyone, nationals and foreigners with any skin tone, can enjoy the same citizenship rights.

SOS Racismo strives to collaborate with other anti-racist and immigrant associations at national level, and also develops activities and actions together with other associations from European countries. SOS Racismo takes public positions against all racist acts, or acts that promote racism. They present concrete measures, either through the presentation of proposals, with a view to the socio-economic inclusion of ethnic minorities in Portugal, or by challenging laws, concerning foreigners, which have a racist and xenophobic content.

Read more, contact or support: https://www.sosracismo.pt/apresentacao (website in Portuguese)



Thanks for the much needed reminder!

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