That Darling DJ Duo

Airship Calpurnia, United States

That Darling DJ Duo is the high-energy tag-team, Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop. One part frustrated Vaudevillians searching for a stage, and one part 80s era rockers with too much hairspray and not enough adult supervision, they spin an eclectic mix of everything from torch songs, swing, indie, electronic, punk, funk, 80s new wave, neo-vintage, and neo-folk to good old fashioned favorites. They will get your rump thumping and your blood pumping.

New episodes air on Mad Wasp Radio on Sundays @ 7am EST/12pm GMT! Listen at or via TuneIn radio app!

Want to be involved on the show? Try this: "Hi, This is YOUR NAME from YOUR PLACE and you're listening to The Clockwork Cabaret on Mad Wasp Radio." Record on your favorite device, and send us the file (mp3 or wav is preferred). We'll take it from there. Send it to our email:

That Darling DJ Duo

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