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  • 1 year ago
Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

It is not a gun that killed 58 nor wounded scores of others at Las Vegas but an ideology-  one developed in the past two centuries, enhanced by technology of the current modern day that consists of left leaning policies in coordinance with mass media.   It is the ideology and dogma of dehumainizing something you hate.  A prime example of this is CBS Executive Hayley Geftman-Gold.  Fired for saying she "doesn't have any sympathy for the victims."  Ask yourself , "What are with predjudices and biases like this doing in high powered  positions?"  The FBI has lists of mass murderers, mainly of those who are in between ages 20 and 50.  Stephen Paddok was 64.  He had been cultivated by the mass media,or some say, "the fake news" left wing who has preached tiime and time again to hate Christians, to hate, whites, to hate the middle class.  What the mass media did to Stephen Paddoks mind " was desentize it, so much to the point that the victims who were mostly white, Christian, and Conservativ