Starstreams Pgm #i096

Starstreams Pgm #i096

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Starstreams Pgm #i096
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Aloha from Maui! Welcome to the 'exotic' side of radio - since 1981!
Musical Starstreams Pgm i096 - I THINK, THEREFORE I AMBIENT! ☮ ♥ & ♫

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Playing tracks by Kusht, Dead Can Dance, Ascendant, The Bhaktas, Meca Meca and more.

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Drake Means

So peaceful and relaxing


How can we listen to the older 95.5 musical star stream with Forrest for 95.5?


That Witchcraft track is an all-time favourite. Cheers.

Bill Chatfield

#i096 is really good! Thanks!


Many thanks Bill. Glad you like it! If you could repost it, it would be helpful. Mahalo from Maui.


Pgm i096 Playlist
Forever Intro
Kusht - Voodoo Love
Dead Can Dance - Act II: The Mountain
Ascendant - InStasis
The Bhaktas - Kundalini Kirtan (Martin Nonstatic Remix)
Meca Meca - Seis A Eme
~ Forest - Come Visit us and listen at ~
Gary Stroutsos - The Rain is Coming
Witchcraft - We Rest - Slumberland - Waveform Records
Dubtribe - Memory (edit)
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Smugglers Union - Quaere
Gershon Kingsley - Illumination
Entheogenic - Midnight Eyes (feat. Terrance McKenna)
Loop Zeppelin - Rain in July
~ Musical Starstreams is Produced & Programmed by Forest from Maui at ~
Eguana - Deep Extragalactics
Nacho Sotomayor - Ephemeral
Mark Seelig - Whirling Meditation (edit)
Aes Dana - Peace Corrosion


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