The Soul Preacher

Tunes from my personal collection. Expect the unexpected :) My generous subscribers keep this channel alive. I thank you much.
In 2017 M-XCLOUD wrote: Mixing from vinyl and often curating around interesting themes and people, this is a very special selector with some of the best mixes on the platform.
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The Soul Preacher

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Enchanted Moods
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Jazz Soundtracks & Funky Flavas


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Cosy 1970's Soul


Groovin’ Into The New Year


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The Soul Preacher

Thanks for the great support, good people. Back in 2010 when I played a fundraiser at a local church, the people there said I'd be a SOUL PREACHER. I liked it. I play from a huge collection and am trying to be thoughtful when I compile music. As a musicologist I could make it into some James Brown chronicles produced by the Universal Music Group. I play anything groovy with a special liking for the rather underplayed but excellent tunes. But why explain, just hit the play button and enjoy! Subscribers will be rewarded with vintage and hand-picked specials on different labels and artists.

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