The Silver Stream (11/01/2021)

The Silver Stream (11/01/2021)

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The Silver Stream (11/01/2021)
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The Silver Stream is a journey through ideas in collaboration with invited guests. Series Two focusses on performance, creating a space for visual artists to air audio works. For this episode creator and host Byzantia Harlow is joined by Rachel Dobbs and Hannah Rose who are based in Plymouth and have been working in collaboration since 2003 as LOW PROFILE. They are joined by Richard Sharp who collaborated with LOW PROFILE on their recent project DRUMROLL.

DRUMROLL is a new audio artwork composed for 8 drums, distributed online on New Years Eve (2020) as a shared, but distant, listening event. The episode includes an interview with the creators of DRUMROLL, recorded in late December, as well as audio excerpts of the artwork.To learn more about DRUMROLL:

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