EFT 2019-02-08

EFT 2019-02-08

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EFT 2019-02-08

The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show The show is broadcast at 8 00pm uk on http://artefaktorradio.com/ & https://twitter.com/GCRdigitalRadio https://www.channelradio.co.uk every Friday, Saturdays on http://bombshellradio.com uploaded to Mixcloud and shared across the globe with Electronic Music lovers. Artists with music submissions please send MP3 320 bt links to rustyegan57@gmail.com


Playing tracks by Solomon Grey, Church of Trees ft Jill Beaulieu, Chris Payne, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds and more.

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DJ Rusty Egan

Home (Instrumental) - Solomon Grey
Home - Solomon Grey
I Can't Be Loved - Church of Trees ft Jill Beaulieu
Nocturne for Piano and Synths (BPM 110) - Chris Payne
Give stupidity a chance - Pet Shop Boys
Glittering Prize - Simple Minds
Head Over Heels Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) - Tears For Fears
Normal (Nature of Wires Remix) - This Human Condition
Innocence - Dim Zach
The Mountain - Ladytron
Cambodia+Reprise - Kim Wilde
Trust (Extended Dance Mix) - Sin Cos Tan
Crystal - Actors
Deepstaria Enigmatica – DepthCruiser
Black Car - Adryelle
The Light – TMBOY
Leave In Silence (Longer) - Depeche Mode
Be Alright - The Night Hour
Everything's Fine - 047 feat Lisa Pedersen
Flash In The Night [Octolab Remix] - Rational Youth
Magic Fly (Hp.Hoeger Rusty Egan Mix) premastered - Space
Alterna (Synthetik Form Remix) - New Neon
Other Too Endless (Vince Clarke Remix) - Polly Scattergood
Take My Hand - Hyphen Hyphen
Around Again (Synesthete Remix) - Bri Lane
Wait Don't Wait - The Cowls
Talk Talk (Extended Version) - Talk Talk
What Do You Want? (Alternate TEC Edit) - Tenek
Never Enough (Rusty Egan Dub Mix) - Charlotte Someone ft. Lokka Vox

Mary Mc Caughey

Thanks very much Rusty, such a gorgeous show as always but really loved hearing Nocturne for Piano and Synths by Chris Payne, DepthCruiser, Ladytron, your beautiful mixes, Solomon Gray, Talk Talk...


Rusty, Rusty , Rusty. Ambrosial. We appreciate you.

LadyEnjoy Gods DJ

Dear magnificent Dusty, BEEN A MINUTE since I Tuned into your magnificent music world.. Been very Tril, and focused on myself, but this morning I am so very happy, I took a step into your world.. ♥️ ❤️ ♥️ ❤️ you are truly awesome! Thanks for posting this. Big Massive up to you from Italy

Empress Touch

If you're one of many young music fans out there,
looking for something just a little bit different from mainstream western media,
feeling your intelligence is being insulted,
let alone ripped-off with what you're being force-fed,
(just like I was feeling not-so-long-ago)
then this specific 2-hour upload is a great place to start looking, if you like creative electronica.

Pet Shop Boys,
Simple Minds,
Tears For Fears,
Depeche Mode,
Talk Talk -

they all had something constructive to say for themselves.

Some still do, as Martin Gore's 'Going Backwards' (Depeche, 2017)
Neil Tennant's 'Give Stupidity A Chance (Pet Shop Boys, 2019) highlight today.