Radio Robida

Topolò/Topolove, Italy

Radio Robida archive is (slowly) moving here:

How to imagine a radio station which is located in a super-remote place – Topolò/Topolove, with its 22 inhabitants – but will speak to a wide community, scattered in the whole Europe? How could the geographical marginality be interpreted to develop a radio program which is contextual but also speaks to the world?

Radio stations are many times place and community makers. Besides being aethereal – as the voice of the speakers – they many times happen to be physical spaces for people to gather. They are means to cultivate communities. The paradox of starting a radio station in an almost uninhabited village on the mountains opens many fertile questions about Robida’s community and its relation to this specific margin where Robida works and partly lives. How would it be possible to combine a hyper-specificity, which Robida is fond of, with the will of being relevant for those who are far away from us?