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 patterns everywhere in nature

patterns everywhere in nature

A close encounter of the first kind is a sighting of an unidentified flying object, odd lights, or aerial objects unattributable to human technology.
The second kind is an observation of physical evidence of extra-terrestrial visitation. Footprints, heat or radiation damage to terrain, and crop circles.
The third kind is an observation of one or more occupants associated with one or more crafts.
The fourth kind involves forcible abduction by an extraterrestrial intelligence by an unwilling abductee and/or involves willful agreement to be taken.
The fifth kind involves direct communication between an extraterrestrial intelligence and a human being.
The sixth kind involves the death of a human being or other animal during a witnessed encounter.
The seventh kind involves genetic interchange between aliens and humans: sperm, chromosomes, embryos, in which the matter is kept by the alien(s).
There is thought to be over twenty kinds of abduction...


Iron hans
Iron hans

what an opener


hey good mix you got here, i can hear where you bent the particles with our transreality flexer. we should travel to summer 1947 this weekend and figure out what really happened in roswell if we can avoid the authorities. also, i picked up a huge lot of transformers and a bunch of capacitors so we can finish the new machine, and i may have figured out what we can make a containment out of so we dont feel so sick after experiments.