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ReturnViewersGuide #1 Part 3

ReturnViewersGuide #1 Part 3

19. This central obelisk shaped shadow is the big main shadow that ultimately sculpts the form of the Awesome Good! 20. The central and most important main idea is this; Find and focus on the point of the big main shadow as it races away.
21. To the left, if you see normal surface area past and over the raised area, you have only seconds left! Look back right! 22. Once again, this is important! To the left, meaning, if you are looking at the hard ground of the object itself. 23. To the left, if you can see beyond and over the raised area and you can see normal surface area, look to the right! 24. Look back to the right, right away because there are only seconds left before it's time to get noticed!
25. To the right, locate the point of the big main black shadow, and start to focus on the idea of not looking away! 26. Find the big main shadow positioned centrally between two smaller shadows that accompany but trail on either side. 27. The main now very tall obelisk shaped shadow is now