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  • 8 years ago
ReturnViewersGuide #1 Part #2

ReturnViewersGuide #1 Part #2

1. The forward rolling, moon coloured object, rolls down from the area of space above and to the left of the Moon. 2. The object covers the Moon's upper left area first before it completely obscures the Moon. 3. As the object rolls forward a large raised surface feature comes into view from over the top of the object. 4. The Moon is suddenly seen to the right of the object. 5. The Moon no longer looks like the Moon at this point, instead the Moon looks like a fantastic tremendous valley. 6. As the object continues to roll forward the raised area becomes a smooth curving steep cliff. 7. The raised area then gradually develops into a very large smooth and rounded overhang. 8. Suddenly a shadow that looks like a big black spot appears under the overhang.
9. The black spot of the shadow spreads out and thickens under the continuously growing eveloping overhang. 10. Suddenly a certain critical point is reached and the shadow suddenly leaps down to the ground below. 11. Immediately the wave