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  • 8 years ago
Naming Rules? What Naming Rules?

Naming Rules? What Naming Rules?

The most ancient human tradition that I can think of or that I know of is;
Name the Object! It's the human thing to do. That's what all of or most ancient ancestors did. They all named the Object.
Another very very ancient human tradition is to name the various elements and sights within the
Moon's Changed and Lasting Light that are themselves Lasting Light. I do know that the ancient people wrote about the Returns that they saw. The sight of the forward rolling Object crossing down between the Earth and Moon and the sight of the Moon's drastically changed light were the literal sights that the ancient viewers wrote about. The ancient writers were trying to describe the sight of what should be impossible from the beginning when the Object first becomes visible through to later descriptions of the Moon's changed Lasting Light evolving and somehow in action. This is a big reason why these texts sound so unbelievable when you try to read through them. Somehow I saw the Object and the earl