Rat Session # 34 : John Flindt

Rat Session # 34 : John Flindt

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Rat Session # 34 : John Flindt
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This one is for the Jazz, Disco and soulful heads out there. John is originally from Manchester and is studying arts in London. There's little more I can say because I was not there and Pete can't seem to be able to tell me much due to the fact that he was not completely there either, as he had only 3 hours of sleep due to our Party at the Tiger the night before. Pete says "it was a good Saturday afternoon, the was flowing through Charles Mingus into disco, soul, exotica some housey bits at the end... " Ps : we tried our best but failed to find a way to upload that picture straight...


Playing tracks by Sun Ra & Myth Science Arkestra, Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes, Gilberto Gil, Stone, Rob Swift and more.