Sin Superficie #018 / 01 diciembre 2020 / Kate Carr

Sin Superficie #018 / 01 diciembre 2020 / Kate Carr

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Sin Superficie #018 / 01 diciembre 2020 / Kate Carr
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Sin Superficie #018 /
01 diciembre 2020 /
Entrevista a Kate Carr /
Voz y producción: Lena Ortega //

Tiny Portraits - Jacqueline George
In a Small Valley - Ana Roxanne
The Ladder is Always There – Kate Carr
The Half Destroyed Instruments – Kate Carr
Silent Spring- Linda O´Keeffe
Oil work tune, Caspian oil fields, Azerbaijan - Bibi Heybat
Oil field atmosphere - Bibi Heybat
Oil field soundwalk - Bibi Heybat
Cuckoo by radiometer, Chernobyl- Bibi Heybat
Power cable crackle, Chernobyl- Bibi Heybat
a future that never was- Anya Yermakova
Exude by Incision – Laura Luna Castillo
Lost Lake - Marja Ahti
This Process Is Conducted Cold – Laura Luna Castillo
Kunming record during Covid​-​19- Luo Fey
From some Odd Reason – Kate Carr
nocturno for refrigerator, large bodies go backwards - Manja Ristić
Talks with Grey Heron - Robertina Šebjanič
I didn’t get a lot of sleep in Mexico – Kate Carr


Playing tracks by Jacqueline George, Ana Roxanne, Kate Carr, Linda O´Keeffe, Bibi Heybat and more.