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RADIO KOSMOS - "it's all about music!"

Best electronic music worldwide

RADIO KOSMOS presents [national/ international] talented, renowned and extremely successful representatives of electronic club music in the field of electronic dance music and their lifestyle.


With more than 1000 club djs, RADIO KOSMOS has kindled a flame of peace worldwide. More and more djs from all over the world are taking part in this internet flash mob and are setting a clear signal against all wars in the world.

Peace, love and freedom for all!

The format of RADIO KOSMOS ranges from podcasting, live stream shows, multimedia, artist management to its own booking agency.

RADIO KOSMOS thanks you for your love, loyalty and support over the years!

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RADIO KOSMOS - "it´s all about music!"

Hello friends of worldwide electronic dance music. RADIO KOSMOS - "it's all about music!" is here for you! Let's celebrate the latest tracks and music productions together. RADIO KOSMOS stands for world peace and has its own worldwide DJ peace project called "DJs FOR WORLD PEACE". Be there!

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