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Mijk van Dijk

Berlin, Germany

DJ, Producer, Remixer from Berlin, Germany.

A collection of links:
Homepage http://microglobe.de
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mijkvandijk
Twitter http://twitter.com/mijkvandijk
YouTube http ://www.youtube.com/mijkvandijk
Mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/mijkvandijk
HearThis https://hearthis.at/mijkvandijk/
Radio http://microglobe.de/radio/m4tm/

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Mijk van Dijk

I'm Mijk van Dijk.
I create music in the studio.
I play music in the club.
Mostly Techno, sometimes House and sometimes Boogie Funk and Japanese City Pop.
I dance in the dark.
I stream during lockdown.
We'll be back!

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