Marco PM

Rotterdam, Netherlands

«A perfect balance between energy & melody»: this is how Italian trance DJ Marco PM describes his style. Listening to trance since 2002, Marco PM has been showing his true and deep love for both DJing and trance music since 2004, when he released the first installments of his fortunate digital mixes series.
While Voices from Heaven and Nocte Borealis series enclose the finest vocal trance and progressive tunes out there, Marco PM shows his top-notch selection and mixing skills on the two successful, highly-acclaimed series Santorini Waves and Dream Melodies.
Natural complement of a sunny beach session, every volume of Santorini Waves is a unique journey through chillin' balearic atmosphere, progressive house sounds and trance vibes.
Dream Melodies brings trance to an upper level: the combination of pumping beats, heart-touching melodies and true emotional uplifters gives to the real trance lover a complete experience from beginning to end.

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Marco PM

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