DIE or DIY? (05.04.17)

DIE or DIY? (05.04.17)

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DIE or DIY? (05.04.17)
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If you're into wave, industrial, punk or experimental music then you should know one of the genres' richest internet collection that is the DIE or D.I.Y.? blog. If you don't, this first episode will suck you in irreversibly.

Milk From Cheltenham - “Mr Freeze”
(DJ speaks)
Danny & the Dressmakers - “(Don't make another Bass Guitar) Mr Rickenbacker”
Mark Perry - “You Cry Your Tears”
The Door and the Window - “Detailed Twang”
The Evening Outs - “Channel”
The Fall - “Industrial Estate”
(DJ speaks)
Doof - “Treat Me Like The man I Am”
The Collective Horizontal - “Beach Coma”
Rire To Laugh - “Another Shade in The Sky”
The Bathroom Renovations - “Intensely Henna-ed”
From Chorley - “Tablecloth”
(DJ speaks)
Keine Namen - “Can I Have A Light? (Part 1)
The 012 - “Fish From Tahiti”
The Bots - “I'm Gay”
The Accused - “Generation Gap”
(DJ speaks)
Crash Course In Science - “Cardboard Lamb”
Blah Blah Blah - “In The Army”
Suisse - “Artificial Heart”
Machines At Last - “Artifici


Playing tracks by Blah Blah Blah, Five Times Of Dust and Sara Goes Pop.

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Baron Mordant

Greetings froM the foaM - a tap to say ta for all the top notch rars o'er the years (The Dadacomputer being a particular highlight)...regards IBM

Jonny Zchivago

Well, my previous comment was slightly tongue in cheek, and done because i didn't think anyone would leave a comment......i was wrong. Seems to have gone down rather well,which is a good thing...or thang, as us DJ's say. Thanks all for your kind sentiments.

Judas Vigilante

What an opening track! And then it gets better! Great idea this Jonny. Best 2hrs I've had in ages. Hope you find the time and energy to continue with this. All the best.

Jonny Zchivago

Many thanks both of you.

Tim Naylor

Like an enema for the ears, a palate cleanser for the soul, an antidote to the poison of streaming services, a wake up call for a fucking generation of kidz who think music equates to Brit Schooled Blandness.

Jonny Zchivago

Especially a certain track about asking for a light by a certain germanically monikered combo I wager?

Lukasz Pfeiffer

Yes, very nice indeed!

Jonny Zchivago

Probably the best two hours that have ever happened in the history of the multiverse...ever!?