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Under Eno's covers

Under Eno's covers

I set out to do a mix of ambient covers. Not easy. But I did find a bunch of Brian Eno cover tunes. So that's what this is, an entire mix of Eno music covered by various folks, pros & amateurs alike.

00:00 Icebreaker & BJ Cole - an ending (ascent) ii
03:50 Teen Daze - Always Returning
07:55 Dan Piccolo - Music for Airports 1.1
13:30 Bang On A Can - Music for Airports 2.1
17:30 Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - By This River
21:15 Ida - Golden Hours
25:35 And Then So Clear
29:00 St. Vincent - Some of Them are Old
31:55 Unknown - Spider & I (ona banjo ukulele)
33:15 Band On A Can - Music for Airports 2.2
38:00 Doron Diamond - Music for Airports 1.1 (acoustic)
41:15 AcousticLabs- And Ending (Ascent) (solo guitar)
45:00 Icebreaker & BJ Cole - Drift
47:45 Nathan Fake - Music for Airports 1.1
53:00 Ryosuke Tomita - Becalmed (acoustic)

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I love this mix! I'm a huge Eno fan and these covers are great! Many I haven't heard before. Thanks so much for compiling this. How about covers of Harold Budd?

low light mixes

I'm so glad you liked these covers. I like the idea of a similar mix with Budd tunes but I don't know if there will be enough of them. But it will be fun searching. Cheers!

Paul Asbury Seaman

Great mix, Dave. I'm sure you had fun doing it. Back in the era of home cassettes, I used to love making my own compilation of covers of songs by well-known or favorite artists. One reason this is hard to do with ambient music -- and why so few ambient/electronic artists have put out a "Best of" compilation is because their songs tend to be too long to fit much variety on a single CD-length album. Both Steve Roach and Jonn Serrie have done so successfully, although Serrie made it a double album. Roach's "Space and Time" (2003) is a masterpiece of selection and mixing, to blend portions of 20 pieces into a 70-minute opus, especially given that the majority of his output (and reputation) is long-form compositions.
BTW, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen have probably had the most covers, and even several whole albums of just cover songs. There's a great music documentary called "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man" (not to be confused with Cohen's own album of that name) which is an entire concert of Cohen cover songs in tribute to him.

Paul Asbury Seaman

I think you have misspelled "Bang on a Can" in two places: in the description and the label for track no. 10. (Unless "Band on a Can" is a Bang I'm not familiar with...) ;-

Bruno Amado

First of all, i´d like to say that your sets are great. I use them a lot in my classes (i´m a yoga and meditation instructor).
Due to this, is that possible to get the songs names so that i can upload them?
This set for example, all the songs are great!
could you send me the songs?
Best regards
Bruno From Brasil

low light mixes

Hi Bruno - thanks for listening! I can't send you individual songs. All I can do is point you in the direction of the tracklist for each mix. For this mix the tracklist of each song in the mix is right there in the description. Some of the tunes may be difficult to find because I downloaded some of them from youtube. Most of my mixes here on Mixcloud have the tracklist posted with in the description so you can always use that to seek out individual songs. Any mix here that doesn't have a tracklist will have one posted here... I hope that helps a bit and again, thanks so much for listening.

David Nowell


Koji Fujii

Music for Airports

SoHam Sounds by Eric Morand

oh man!!!your mix amazing.. you are a gift!!

Tatsuya Komada

Eno is one of my favorite artists. It is very comfortable.

Juan Antonio Moreno Ruiz

From Mexico, this mix it's wonderful. Thanks!!!