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Shimmering Land: A Meg Bowles Tribute

Shimmering Land: A Meg Bowles Tribute

I am excited to present another stellar mix from Paul Asbury Seaman. Paul finds a theme, curates the tunes and lays out the sequence. I just twiddle some knobs. So thanks to Paul for this excellent collection.

Here's what he says this about this mix:

Meg Bowles is one of the few (prominent) female artists working in the ambient/electronic genre. She has only released five albums, including Evensong earlier this year, seven years after her last one, so there’s cause for celebration. All her albums are top-notch ethereal/soothing journeys similar to the tracks by other artists featured here.

00:00 Meg Bowles - Into the Gloaming
08:25 Sherry Finzer & Tom Moore - Infinite Space
14:30 Alio Die - Radiance Revealed
22:25 Ishq - Scielienta
27:30 Jeff Greinke - High Flyers of the Night Sky
35:50 Meg Bowles - The Forgotten Valley
42:55 Zero Ohms - Glimpsing the Eternal
55:00 Deborah Martin - Blue Lake
61:10 bvdub - Rainless [R]ivers



very good for this time of year.
foggy weather is the best

low light mixes

Thanks for hanging out and absorbing the shimmering vibe. Cheers!

Aleksandar Sarkic (DJ Sarke)

This is one of the deepest spiritual journeys i heard, this is medicine for the heart and soul, this mix gives hope and meaning of life, beautiful.

low light mixes

Thanks for checking it out. All credit goes to the curation master, Paul, for this excellent collection of tunes. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Cheers!


What an excellent sequence - thank you so much for sharing!

Cosmo Spacemonkey

A nice classic New Age quality in some places on this mix. New Age gets a bad rap - some (most?) of it earned but there was a fantastical innocence to many 80's "New Age" artists when it was good. Of these so called New Age artists, most did not really fit nicely into the genre but they were grouped into it none the less - i'm sure it helped some of their carrers and hurt others. Great mix!

Cosmo Spacemonkey

Sherry Finzer calls her music New Age, at least on a webpage I read where she decribes it as such. It stuck out for me when I read it because I am not used to hearing that term anymore.

low light mixes

I totally agree with your comments. New Age does get a bad rap, some of which is definitely justified. I know that I listened to a bunch of really crappy music in the 80s & 90s. But recently I've gone on a few nostalgia binges and listened to music with what you described as a "classic New Age" feel. It can be hard to separate out nostalgia and emotion from the quality of the music but I've enjoyed rediscovering some classics. Thanks for listening & commenting. Cheers!

Cosmo Spacemonkey

The ECM label in Germany is incredible. They were releasing music in the eighties that ambient artisists are doing today - in the experimental sense. Steve Tibbetts' Yr is fantastic & Stephan Micus's Ocean release is bliss - to name a few. A new mastering on Tibbetts' first Lp is available here:
Discription: "Carefully mastered from the original master tape, Steve says that the sound is better than he even hoped was possible. This 1977 debut release laid the groundwork for Tibbetts' extraordinary ECM albums; stunning 12 string chops, eccentric, fascinating tape effects and a consistent sense of spiritual dimension."
-Guitar Player.

low light mixes

I LOVE Steve Tibbetts! Back in college I had the original vinyl version of Yr. It was one of my favorite college discoveries. Thanks to your comment I just realized that I've listened to his new album, Life Of, on Spotify but hadn't bought it yet. So I will rectify that right away. Thanks again for listening and thanks for the discussion. I hope that in the future Mixcloud will change their site to make having discussions like this easier. Cheers!

Ted Schlechte

Stunning mix. 👏

low light mixes

Thanks for listening my friend and thanks to Paul for curating this wonderful mix.


This is a wonderful compilation. Thank you.

low light mixes

Thanks for hanging out and absorbing the shimmering vibe.

Cathy Lockhart-Seaman

Beautiful, mellow and special since today is your birthday! LOVE YOU!

Paul Asbury Seaman

BTW, many of the artists featured on this mix I first discovered through Hearts of Space weekly radio program---always free on Sundays! The premiere online ambient music website.

Paul Asbury Seaman

I loved the consistent gentleness through a variety of musical textures (mostly flute, but bells, violin and piano, too). Unobtrusive, never boring.