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Fragmented Dialogue - A collaborative mix between Low Light Mixes & Ambientblog

Fragmented Dialogue - A collaborative mix between Low Light Mixes & Ambientblog

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global experimental ambient chart, 2nd in the global experimental chart, 4th in the global chill chart, 5th in the global ambient chart and 11th in the global chillout chart.

Back in April, Peter van Cooten, of Ambientblog, created the awesome mix, Lockdown. After, we talked about doing a collaboration mix. As Peter is in Holland and I am in the States we would send files back & forth adding more tracks with every pass. We had to decide on a theme and a format. In the end the format became the theme.

It worked like this:

We each take 5 minute turns and increase the sample count with each turn. So in the first turn we each start with a 5 minute track. Next turn we each use two samples, next turn 3, then 4...until we get to the final turn where each 5 minute turn contains 6 samples each. When all is said and done we end up with 42 samples used in a 60 minute mix.

I think it turned out great! Somehow this crazy format produced a fascinating mix. After finishing the mix Peter came up with the title "Fragmented Dialogue" which fit perfectly with how this beast was put together. The cover art is courtesy of Thomas Park.

The long tracklist is in comments.


Southern Depot

Great stuff! Lot going on, but all in an excellent blend. Super interesting :)

low light mixes

Thanks for checking this out! I know this is a unique mix so I'm glad you took it all in and enjoyed it. Cheers!


Thanks ! You helped me on my journey and showed me new worlds !


perfect for sky-gazing with a glass of lovely pinot noir as the light slowly fades... each moment a jewel and no expectations

low light mixes

Thanks for listening and your lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed this crazy journey. Cheers!


Another amazing mix. Really made my work day bearable :)

low light mixes

I'm glad we could help. Thanks for you kind words and thanks for listening. Cheers!

low light mixes

T R A C K L I S T :
00:00 Yair Elazar Glotman/Mats Erlandsson - Procession (Emanate 2020)

05:10 William Ryan Fritch - Dream Glitch-Fugue State-Broken Barriers (The Letdown 2020)

09:45 Apparat - Suicide (Soundtracks: Stay Still, 2020)
11:18 Biosphere - You Want To See It Too (Departed Glories, 2016)

15:00 Ashlar - The First Saturday (Saturday Drones 2012)
18:45 echospace - Fallen Tribes Reduced (echospace [detroit] presents echoes in space 2014)

19:31 Sonologyst - Planetary Warning (Unexplained Sounds (New Edition), 2020 )
20:26 Michael Begg & Clodagh Simonds - Witness 3 (Witness 3, 2020)
22:36 Alva Noto - Xerrox Apesanteur (Xerrox 4, 2020)

24:55 Max Richter - Encounter (Ad Astra 2019)
25:38 Mono-Poly - Maanreflectie(Hainbach remix 2020)
27:21 cinchel - porch swings (A House Once Lived That Never Was 2014)

29:30 Carmen Villain - Affection In A Time Of Crisis (Affection In A Time Of Crisis, 2020)
31:18 Stephen O'Malley - Géante 4 - Layer 5 Mix (Géante 4, 2020)
32:30 Abul Mogard, Quiet Dreams (Above All Dreams, 2018)
33:35 Black Glass Ensemble & Friends - Be Mine In Patience: An Embrace in B Minor (Be Mine In Patience: An Embrace in B Minor, 2020)

34:55 Halftribe - Fader (Archipelago 2020)
36:20 Radio Bulgaria
37:03 teleferick - i.history favours the winners (sixteen frames 2017)
38:15 Test Card - Monochrome Dreaming Softened The Broadcast (Music For The Towers 2020)

39:40 Michel Banabila - Scripts of the Lagoon (Scripts Of The Lagoon - Exploratorium, 2020)
41:04 Kamila Govorcin - Rito De Muerte (Anima, 2020)
41:15 Chris Watson - Gobabeb (Touch Isolation, 2020)
43:04 Gia Margaret - Body (Mia Gargaret, 2020)
43:10 Aleksi Myllykoski with Tapani Rinne - Lost Marbles (Dark Days, 2020)

44:48 Masaya Ozaki - subtlety in reverse (Fluid And Dreaming Of Stripes 2015)
46:12 Andrew Pekler - Nocturne 3 (nocturnes, false dawns & breakdowns 2004)
47:05 The Focus Group - Hazy Time (Stop-Motion Happening 2017)
48:00 Les Halles - K (World 2012)
49:24 Sonmi451 - Umi Bear (Eilean 100 2019)

49:50 Radiomentale - Gotlander (I-Land (Redux), 2020)
51:54 Ian William Craig - Comma (Red Sun Through Smoke, 2020)
52:50 Sylvain Chauveau - Q (Life Without Machines, 2020)
53:29 Sample, THX 1138 (THX 1138, 1971)
53:34 Elegi - Lys & Lykte (Gap In Time, 2020)
54:26 The Future Eve feat. Robert Wyatt - 04.02 (Kitsune / Brian the Fox - Kitsune Ring Version, 2019)

55:00 The Insects - This is Where You Say Goodbye (DEVS soundtrack 2020)
55:30 Seabuckthorn - Unforeseen (Other Other 2020)
56:21 Alva Noto - Xerrox Voyage (Xerrox Vol. 4 2020)
57:10 Laurie Anderson - Life Lived Backwards (Heart of a Dog 2015)
58:21 Larurie Anderson - The Cloud (Heart of a Dog 2015)
59:01 Helios - All You Are (Remembrance 2016)
60:00 end