DJ Hammys Supersonic Sunday Show (25-02-24) Stream 372 (9am - 12.30pm GMT)




Welcome To The Beat Goes On.
Sunday morning songs with a twist from 9am until 12.30pm.

Hi everybody thank you for tuning in and hoping you enjoy another magical mystery tour through your requests and my own personal choices.
A mix up of Indie/Alternative/Pop/Easy Listening/Soul/Funk/Disco/Reggae/Glam Rock/Country/Sunshine Pop And So Much More.

Your requests and dedications are very welcome. Please send via text or WhatsApp to 07738445460

If you enjoy my shows any loose change/tips/ can be dropped into my virtual hat @

Every penny donated ensures i can continue doing these shows twice a week without cutting corners and enables me to purchase all your requests and new music I dont have and to keep the shows fresh every week. Especially vital at present whilst i search for a new venue after the Merc closed its doors out of the blue.

Thank you all for your support for my work. Hammy x


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