About Us....
We are an online mixcloud music station founded at the beginning of  the lockdown period by a East London school teacher. Benroy Spring. His vision was to simply reach out to his local community with the aim to entertain them with his charismatic charm and his selection of memorable music,  giving them a platform to release their frustrations from isolation. Bearing in  mind that he is not a DJ. With only a laptop and a cheap microphone and with only a few followers he began broadcasting  with and continues to broadcast 4 times withe followers all over there London regions  Europe  America  and the Caribbean impacting the lives of others including his own.

His Vision.....

Recognising that 2020 what a dreadful year for many, broken hearts, so many loved ones taken away suddenly. Familes  members unable to gather together as one to pay their respects naturally. its been tough with no signs of things getting any easier.