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Dance Attack FM

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Welcome to our International Family! Stay tuned to Dance Attack FM
for “All the best Electronic Dance Music ever created on planet earth”.

Through the week ahead, Saturday June 25 to Friday July 01 2022....

Our Track of the Week is the latest remix of an old favourite.
The GVN Remix of “Drifting Away” by Lange ft. Skye.

Going back in time to 2010 with our Classic Track of the Week.
Cosmic Gate's Back 2 the Future Remix of “Exploration of Space”.

Our DJ of the Week is Paul Sawyer from Winchester in the UK.

Music spreading out across the world to our international family.
From Hebron to Helsinki and Tirana to Tokyo!

Dance Attack FM is available through Mixcloud Live, TuneIn Radio,
iTunes, Smart Speaker or your cellphone internet radio app.

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