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by kixo


Playing tracks by

Cymatic, Cyrus, Tes La Rok, Strago & Snooks, Benton and more.

Here is a mix i did with some recent dubstep releases and the audiobook Dagon by H.P Lovecraft.

mix: vinyl
editing: audacity
Audiobook: Dagon written by H.P. Lovecraft, read by Wayne June.
picture by Justin Sweet.

Comment if you like it (or not) and if you'd like more mixes like this. ;)


Janovic Meweslav

bomboklat! i love the idea, the performance and each single tune. big ups! keep 'em coming. More narration-mc-dubstep!


I'll share this on my facebook page, hopefully get you some more exposure. ;)


The voice of the narration is lovely.
The material itself is a little dull, there's not much variation in the tension of the story itself. This is supported by the music though, which gradually builds alongside the story.

I would like to hear some snippets from the narration appear in the tunes, too. Now it's really [block of text] [drop] [block of text] but by taking words and sentences from the text and putting them in the midsts of the music, you pull the two together a bit more tightly.

It's a pretty enjoyable mix but not very eventful. The coolest thing about doing a narration-supported mix is telling part of the story through the music, a more eventful story allows for more variation and build-up in the story itself, making it a more interesting experience to listen to.

I'd also say that 13 tracks in 30 minutes is a bit low on content, for war of the worlds I edited most of the tracks to be shorter and more intense, picking only the best bits that supported the narration the best.

One final thing is to make sure the drop of a track coincides with a strong final line of a narrative sample, and make sure the drop supports the final statement.

Culture Cuts

very nice blend of sound and words, thanks for sharing


nice mix man. Check mine with similar dark vibes


This is fucking awesome! Im truly fighting the idea of doing one myself, its so original and the execution is immaculate. Poor form to steal this idea?


hey How bout A DL LINK!!!!! FOR meee!!!LOlx


4SURE _SKIsssssssssssssssssssssss



Audrius Ramuva

Very nice, love how it's blended with the audiobook.