Freewaves Volume Two

Freewaves Volume Two

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Freewaves Volume Two

Finally! Kerry Shatzer from Dallas, Texas here. After an extremely long break while life got in the way, I'm finally back with a new DJ mix set and a name change! I'm now going under the name DJ Kerry Rogers, though I still may use MIDI Queen for some original songs and stuff. I've got some more mix sets planned to help reboot my podcast, plus a Diesel mix or two in the wings and maybe some original stuff down the road too. Freewaves Volume Two is a special set, using only tracks that were available as free downloads (hence the name!). You can check out Freewaves Volume One and all my mix sets at anytime. Thanks to all the artists and remixers who offer up free music for their fans! And thank you for your patience, thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the music!


Playing tracks by ishi, Niykee Heaton, Soundprank, Sasha, Jeremy Olander and more.


DJ Kerry Rogers aka MIDI Queen

I loved it! But of course I'm biased... ;-) Please let me know what you think!