John Leech / Save Our Soul

Essex, United Kingdom

John Leech is a radio presenter in the United Kingdom known for his award-winning radio shows. He began his career at Capital Radio in London in the 1980s.
Leechy joined Essex Radio in 1986 where he gained notoriety on air. His evening soul shows set record audience figures for the station.
John Leech has won 12 World Radio Awards for his Soul programmes, including 4 Gold Medals, at the New York festivals for excellence in broadcasting and a Sony Award In the UK
John created The Essex Soul Night Specials These events attracted over 250,000 people.
During 2000 and 2018, John worked for Time 107.5, Dream Radio, and Invicta Radio.
John currently hosts two extremely popular soul programmes on the BBC in Essex and on BBC Radio in the Eastern Counties.
John is a Christian and a music influencer and he is known as "The Soul Man"

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John Leech / Save Our Soul

So many big radio companies have abandoned their soul music programmes
This is usually the result of targeting just the mainstream market. Most stations have become a “brand” in which, soul music does not fit their criteria.
I’ve proven so many times that there is a big and loyal audience, who love listening to well-produced soul music shows.
I will continue to make soul music programmes, for my listeners, albeit on various platforms. With your help, “Save our Soul” will help to preserve the heritage of the music we love, and support the artists

Thank you
God’s blessings!

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