Episode #500

11 months ago

Dear subscribers and followers,

I never thought I was going to publish episode #500 one day. It is almost 10 years since I started this series in the form of a techno radio show on FG DJ Radio back then. It is a reason to celebrate big and be happy for you, for the music, for the producers, for dub, and for everything!

I cannot think about something else than thanking you, the listeners and producers who keep this show alive. However, not everything is at its best moment. As you may know, Mixcloud is not free anymore and has become more difficult to upload shows (it takes an average of 3 attempts to upload a show). Sadly, there are no other options to upload these shows. Music-only shows are not allowed anymore on podcast platforms, and the rest are paid services.

Episode #500 was about to be the last. Subscription earnings are not enough to pay Mixcloud fees and I would like to make this show sustainable. Also, since not every track comes from producers who want to feature their music in the show, I have to pay for music tracks. This time I decided to give it a try on Mixcloud.

This used to be a hobby, an extension of my DJ career, but now it’s becoming an extra expense for me. That’s why I ask you to like, promote, share and support this show to keep it alive. I want to keep it going and reach episode #1000, and even more!

Thank you for your support and enjoy the show!

Greetings from Sweden.

Joaquín Jiménez-Sauma.