Make Your Move

Make Your Move

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Make Your Move

From Dua Lipa to the BeeGees, Kool & The Gang and KC & The Sunshine Band... is that possible?????... it is amazing how many 'new songs' actually go back to the old school days of R&B/Funk/ I decided to blend these decades together...I really hope it makes you move...and gets you back in warm summer spirits!

For the love of real dance music...if this ain't love, why does it sounds so good? Let's celebrate real music!

I hope you'll enjoy! Track list follows soon. All credits go to the original artists and producers, this is just a list of popular songs


Playing tracks by Jerome Robins, House Of Prayers & Crazibiza, Zsak , Crazibiza, Kool & The Gang, Rockers Revenge, Donnie Calvin and more.

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    81st in the funky house Chart


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