DJ Ivan Palmer

Torono, Canada

I absolutely Love inspiring and making people dance through the music I play!
I started DJ’ing in 1984. It was 1-1/2 years after I arrived to Toronto from Montreal.
I started to hung out in the Underground scene. As I observed many DJ’s, I realized I wanted to do this, too, DJ’ing. I felt I could be a DJ myself and I knew Iwas going to do a great job. I was inspired and motivated to become one of the number one DJ in the scene. (?)
I started to buy Vinyls and, then, had my very first dance party on Victoria Day, in 1984.
The party was such a big hit that it went on for over 12 hours.Fast forward to now, 40 years later, my love for DJ’ing has remained and it has expanded. I love DJ’ing at weddings and private events because I have the ability to create a container for everyone to connect in happiness, joy, excitement, unity, while singing and dancing together with music.
I love seeing everyone having a fantastic time.
This feeds my heart and soul and I cannot imagine myself doing...

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DJ Ivan Palmer

“Being a DJ is my life, not just what I do for a living! I spend a great deal of my spare time preparing my music list for each special occasion I work on, helping to make your event deeply memorable.” ~ DJ Ivan Palmer

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