Jetset Underground #006 | 2022.07.07

Jetset Underground #006 | 2022.07.07

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Jetset Underground #006 | 2022.07.07

Jetset Underground #006 is back with a gentle vengeance after a week off the airwaves ... tons of new releases, the requisite goofy covers, and Solveig's in the house! This one's fun.

This edition of Jetset Underground was originally broadcast on KVCU Radio 1190 (Boulder/Denver, Colo.) on 7 July 2022.

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Playing tracks by The Black Keys, Vulfpeck, Dr. Dog, Psapp, Sofie Royer and more.

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    72nd in the indie rock Chart

    72nd in the indie rock Chart


Iris Berkeley

The Black Keys-It Ain't Over 00:00:00
Vulfpeck- My First Car 00:03:48
Dr. Dog-Heart It Races (Architecture in Helsinki Cover) 00:08:29
Psapp-King of You 00:12:22
Sofie Royer-Baker Miller Pink 00:16:37
Warpaint-New Song 00:20:29
Baxter Dury-Isabel 00:24:45
Calibro 35- Digi-Tails 00:27:46
Michael Rault-Neither Love Nor Money 00:32:32
Supertramp-Oh Darling 00:35:56
Hortense Ellis-Breakfast in Bed 00:39:44
The Frightnrs-Expectations 00:43:06
Aphrodite Delacruz-Toxic (Britney Spears Reggae Cover) 00:44:44
New Blade Runners Of Dub- New Blade Runners Of Dub Theme (1984 Remix by BETAFISH) 00:51:44
Automatic-On the Edge 00:55:57
Elvis Costello & The Imposters-Magnificent Hurt 00:59:34
Amanda Shires-Hawk For The Dove 01:02:47
Marco Benevento-At The End Or The Beginning 01:06:34
David Bowie-DJ 01:11:33
Cola-Landers 01:15:37
Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass-Wichita Vortex Sutra Part 3 01:19:55
Tetê Da Bahia-Duplo Sentido 01:27:38
NOTME- Moonlight City 01:32:39
Self Esteem-I Do This All The Time 01:35:24
The Koreatown Oddity-Misophonia Love 01:40:17
J Rocc-Pajama Party (feat.The Egyptian Lover) 01:42:15
Sudan Archives- 02 NBPQ (Topless) 01:45:51
Forss- Soulhack 01:49:39
Björk-Big Time Sensuality 01:53:16