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Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, Synthpop / New Wave & more. Founder of, Industrial DJ® ~ You can also grab sets as podcasts on your favorite feed source or grab the feed at www.Industrial.DJ - Join the Patreon so you can help out & get extra perks, it'll even help with my overwhelming pile of medical bills and is better than donating straight to my fundraiser it allows me give you something back!

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I started EBM-Radio ~20 years ago to help support & promote Industrial, EBM, Goth, Synthpop, Darkwave and similar alternative music styles. It needs to be done. So I bring that everywhere possible.

Sets here are live mixes either on a theme, a mood or with a lot of variety to keep a diverse (and often rabid) group happy. Typically performed on a standalone mixer or some kind of handy control surface.

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